Help protect our community by pledging yourself or your business to sustainable practices

Check out the pledges & groups below and begin on your journey to becoming an environmental champion in our Lower Merion Community 

For Businesses

Southwestern PA Sustainable Business Compact

 Provides a rigorous, peer-reviewed framework for businesses to advance and publicly demonstrate their sustainability achievements

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Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia

Strive to build a just, green, and thriving economy in the Greater Philadelphia region by educating and growing a broad base of local, independent businesses and educating policymakers and the public.
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Green Business America

National organization that provides accreditation for small businesses. Offers nationally recognized certificates and programs

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Personal Pledges

Environmental Voter Pledge

commit to voting 'green' through this pledge and receive alerts about environmental candidates and policies at the local, regional, and national level

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Stick to the Tap Pledge

Help limit your plastic use by pledging to skip the plastic water bottle and to stick to refillable canteens and tap water 

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Planet or Plastic Pledge

Commit to limiting your single use plastic intake by signing this pledge and refusing  items such single-use plastic bags and utensils 

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