Top Ten Essential Tools Every Article Writer Should Have

As an article writer, your basic job description is to write high-quality, original content for the client. You might be asked to write random articles or there might be a specific topic that you have to write about. It is also a part of your job to ensure that your article passes the keyword density requirement the client has set.

If you want to be able to write good articles, then you have to hone your skills. It is important that you are good at written English. It is rare for a client to ask for articles that are written in other language, though it is not impossible for you to get a request for writing non-English articles – especially if you know other languages. Honing your English skills will become a good weapon for you to use in article writing.


Speaking of weapons for article writing, you have other things you have to prepare to become a better article writer. If you want to become good at article writing, then you better bookmark or download some simple tools for your trade. These are simple tools that you should not overlook.

Here are some of the tools an article writer should add to his or her arsenal:

  1. Word processor – this is the program that will allow you to write your article digitally. With a word processor, you have the ability to create, edit, delete, or review content.
  2. Dictionary – having a dictionary will allow you to determine the meaning behind difficult words, especially when you are reading technical or academic references.
  3. Thesaurus – using synonyms is common in article writing. That is necessary if you do not want your written content to be tagged as plagiarized. To have an easier time finding a word’s synonym, you should have a Thesaurus.
  4. Plagiarism checker – this tool helps check for duplicate content on the Web. It will compare what you have written to the thousands of articles online to see if there is a match. You can obtain a premium account or you can look for free tools online.
  5. Grammar and spell checker – if you are not confident with your work in terms of grammar and spelling, then the grammar and spell checker should be a good tool to have. It will help you find grammar issues and spelling mistakes in your article.
  6. Keyword density checker – there are clients who require that a certain article pass a certain keyword density percentage. Keyword density basically refers to the frequency by which the keyword appears in the whole article.
  7. Word count tool – this tool helps you count how many words you have already written for an article. Articles need to follow a specific word count limit. Most of the word processors nowadays should already have built-in counters.
  8. Idea generator apps – this is the kind of app that will allow you to generate ideas on what to write. As an article writer, you will definitely encounter situations when you do not know what to write. By just pressing a button, you can get out of the writing slump you are in.
  9. Deadline beater app – the said app is extremely helpful for freelance writers. As a freelance writer, you are in-charge of your own time. If you have the deadline beater app, an app which helps you keep track of your deadlines, you can meet your client’s submission time without fail.
  10. Time scheduler app – you may replace the deadline beater apps you have with the time scheduler app. You may have them simultaneously too. This app allows you to schedule your time to efficiently go about your day-to-day work without problems.