Hints That A Callaway Golf Item On Sale Might Be Fake

There are many tricks counterfeiters use to get their items sold in an instant. If you’re shopping for Callaway Golf products online, look out for possible hints that the item you’re eyeing might be fake. How do bogus sellers attract buyers to get their clubs?

Here are some of the lures these sellers use to trap buyers into their snares.

The Perfect Rating
Golf PuttersA 5-star rating or 100% positive customer feedback is typical to see on a counterfeiter’s profile. If you closely analyze the reviews, you will see that the score often shows only a few hundred individuals leaving feedback and that the feedback comes mostly from other sellers and not from actual buyers. A strong hint that the seller is a counterfeiter is if the positive feedback comes from transactions made over 6 months ago. If the reviews are more than 6 months old, you will no longer be able to view what the supposed buyer purchased or what the seller sold because the postings have most likely been archived by the website.

The Pressure Sale

If an item is being sold with an eye-catching “Buy Now” button and at incredibly low price, be extremely wary. These features are typically meant to entice the buyer to take advantage of the great deal right away before someone else gets it. Bogus sellers often sell a large quantity of clubs in different auctions that are set to expire at roughly the same time. This is so they can discard their inventories before anyone can give a feedback. A good deal for Callaway Golf equipment might not always come handy, but if you’re patient and wise enough to apply these simple tips, you will eventually get your hands on one.

“New Clubs” Listing
Callaway GolfA counterfeiter usually lists the clubs as new and shows the same stock image for all of the golf clubs they’re selling. Callaway Golf and other companies implement strict rules on who can legally resell their products. If people can buy brand new clubs for a significantly lower price online, why would an authorized retailer or the company itself sell the same item for twice or thrice the price? If you suspect that the image shown is not the actual image of the product being sold, ask the seller for a real picture. Often, the image will not match the product description. For instance, a picture for a left-handed club has a description that is meant for a right-handed club. Generic product descriptions are also quite common.

Suspiciously Low-Priced

More often than not, a counterfeiter takes time to explain that the reason he’s selling an item for an extremely low price is because he just won it in a raffle or tournament, or that it was a gift that he does not really need. These claims are highly common when you check listings online. Online sellers of fake Callaway Golf items and other brands often use reasons like these to justify the low price. Some desperadoes may even say that a family member is injured or someone just died and they need money only to deceive buyers into buying their bogus products.
With the abundance of online pro shops, it isn’t a shock that many sincere buyers are duped by unscrupulous sellers on a daily basis. But if you know how to look out for the signs and are cautious enough to examine the product first before hitting the checkout button, there is a great possibility that you will never fall victim under these faker’s unethical tactics.

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